Having cancer can have a devastating effect on your body and emotions. Exercise has been proven to boost our immune system, regulate our susceptibility to cancer and reduce the chances of recurrence [Neiman and Neiman-Cantonelle 1992].

Limiting the amount of weight you gain during adult life and increasing the amount of exercise you do reduces the risk of various cancers by 25-33% (colon, breast, endometrium, kidney and oesophagus), which has led to the World Health Organisation  recommending 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on five or more days of the week. If you are receiving treatment, have had surgery or are recovering cancer we can work together to:

  • Assess the short and long term affects of your cancer and treatments on your functional ability and set short and long-term goals to improve your functioning and fitness
  • Develop a programme that is sympathetic to any nausea, fatigue, pain, dizziness etc and will allow flexibility for when you have off days.
  • Develop a personalised nutrition programme to optimise your recovery/condition


I am a mother who trains together with my two older teenage children. We went to train with Lisa to improve our fitness and to lose weight. We have all lost weight and have really improved our body shape and posture.

My back used to be very weak and I was limited in the sort of exercise I could perform. I am now incredibly strong all over. I had a tumour removed from a muscle in my inner thigh and I now have back my strength and flexibility in that leg. I have also helped to control my high blood pressure.

One of my daughters is double jointed and had a lot of problems with balance and coordination – she now moves with such strength and ease. My other daughter is very proud of her beautiful new shape and has dropped a dress size.

I love the fact that we regularly change the type of programme that we are doing to concentrate on different aspects of fitness. We have such good fun together when we exercise and it has also been tremendous in improving my relationship with my daughters.