I am a 68 year old woman with an eight-year history of hip and back problems which culminated in sciatica and moderate stenosis (narrowing of the nerve channel).

Physiotherapy had no lasting effect and it was far from plain that an operation would have the desired result. Lisa Sayers was the last throw of the dice to try and correct what had become a very debilitating condition. It worked!

I have gone to see her, when possible, twice a week and could probably cut this down if I were more diligent about exercises at home. I have no pain and stand much straighter. The lesson I take away from this is: it’s never too late to try and put things right with exercise, especially if you go to Lisa.


I have been seeing Lisa about a year and she has truly transformed me!

After a back operation and no exercise for five years I was nervous about getting back into things and causing damage. Lisa's amazing knowledge of the body combined with interesting and varied work-out sessions has meant I have progressed dramatically and now feel like a 39 year-old man should do!


I am an 83 year old man who originally came to see Lisa Sayers with knee pain and balance problems – I also had a hernia operation and my GP said that almost certainly I would have to have another.

Since working with Lisa the improvement in my muscle tone has improved the knee pain, hugely improved my balance and banished the need for a further hernia operation. A brief attack of sciatica was quickly corrected by targeted exercise within two weeks. I highly recommend her.


I am a mother who trains together with my two older teenage children. We went to train with Lisa to improve our fitness and to lose weight. We have all lost weight and have really improved our body shape and posture.

My back used to be very weak and I was limited in the sort of exercise I could perform. I am now incredibly strong all over. I had a tumour removed from a muscle in my inner thigh and I now have back my strength and flexibility in that leg. I have also helped to control my high blood pressure.

One of my daughters is double jointed and had a lot of problems with balance and coordination. She now moves with such strength and ease. My other daughter is very proud of her beautiful new shape and how she has dropped a dress size.

I love the fact that we regularly change the type of programme that we are doing to concentrate on different aspects of fitness. We have such good fun together when we exercise and it has been tremendous in improving my relationship with my daughters.


I have been training with Lisa for one and half years. It has been inspirational and enjoyable. I have trouble with my lower back and Lisa was always sure to modify exercises and be mindful of not aggravating old injuries. I feel fit, strong and finally comfortable in my own body.

What made Lisa stand out from the rest was her absolute dedication to her job. Fitness training is a clearly a vocation for Lisa, for she is constantly going to conferences or training courses to get new knowledge and she is absolutely committed to every one of her numerous clients. Working with her has given me new insight and motivation. She provided me with motivation to stay in shape and a programme I have successfully continued with on my own, both comfortably and effectively. And, when the going gets rough, Lisa makes me laugh, which keeps me committed to working out – who knew that a killer exercise routine could not only get the job done, but also be FUN!



Lisa has been my personal trainer for the last six months or so. My muscle tone had not recovered properly from replacement hip surgery, I had a neck rotation problem as a result of spinal fusion surgery, and also posture and balance issues – quite a challenge.

However, Lisa is brilliant and multitalented:

  1. She has her own fully equipped gym which means the sessions are entirely private
  2. Parking is easy outside her house– important in Henley!
  3. She specialises in elderly clients and is sensitive to their particular needs (I myself am 80)
  4. As a qualified nurse she has a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and was also careful to ensure that my GP approved of the exercise regime
  5. She has developed for me a comprehensive range of exercises both to strengthen and lengthen relevant muscles and to improve balance
  6. She has given me a programme of exercises which I can carry out at home, thereby enabling faster progress
  7. She is a qualified masseuse and has much improved my stiff neck!
  8. She is also a qualified nutritionist and specifically identified that my chronic rhinitis (blocked nose) could be due to a dairy product allergy. Having cut back drastically on dairy products (e.g. non-dairy milk and not much cheese) the situation is much more under control so it looks as though she might be right!
  9. She is a kind and considerate person with a great sense of humour, which is always a help


Since returning to the UK from China Lisa has been a fantastic health and fitness partner for me over the last six months – and I mean partner in the true sense of the word.

She has helped me to create a holistic approach that combines diet, flexibility, strength training, and cardio. As a senior executive, what I appreciate is she has a great way of working 'with' not  'against' the reality of a busy working and home life. She brings a lot to the table and is a pleasure to work with alongside delivering real results.

Peter, Global Managing Director, Strategy Consulting Firm, Marlow

I have been a client of Lisa’s for almost 6 years and initially went to see her following the birth of my eldest daughter – hoping to get back some of my pre-baby form.

I used a very good personal trainer in London prior to the baby’s arrival, but needed to a find a more convenient local solution. I found a lot more – Lisa has been an amazing person to work with. She started by sorting out my posture (which she still needs to pick me up on after a hard week at the lap top) and then developed a number of flexible routines that have been really targeted on the areas I need to work on. She has always developed these in a really pragmatic way; recognising I am a busy working mum who also needs a life outside the exercise routine. Every session with her is different as she adapts what she does with me depending on how I look and feel – which is very refreshing.

She has also been able to combine this with great nutritional advice that has helped me get as fit and trim as I ever have been – which is not bad for a 47-year-old with two small kids. Her style is hugely motivational: gently challenging you in a way that makes you feel like a bit of a wimp if you don’t go for it, whilst avoiding being bossy. I don’t think I would have run the Royal Parks Half this autumn without her help and encouragement. She’s a real find – and is now a great friend too – I can’t recommend her too highly.


I started training with Lisa 3 years ago after having my 1st child via c-section. I have since had a 2nd child again via C-section.

During my time with Lisa she has effectively worked with the restrictions of pregnancy or post operation to enable me to achieve fitness levels, body shape and overall vitality better than I had 10 years ago. Lisa's holistic approach covering nutrition, training and massage has achieved this. My diet has completely changed and my energy levels increased substantially as a result.
My children have also benefitted from Lisa's advice – my son loves the chocolate beetroot brownies and will ask for a spinach and broccoli smoothie! The training has been flexed to accommodate my career and my babies (my eldest is a great resistance weight!). The massage has been a key ingredient and I appreciate Lisa's ability to pin point why a pain has arisen and how to fix it.
I have had personal trainers before but none that have shown a depth of understanding of the human body; how to help it repair, fuel and maintain fitness within the constraints of a busy life. I am 6 months post baby no. 2, size 10 and relatively sane thanks to Lisa's coaching. I wholeheartly recommend her!    

 After starting university I lived a typical student life of cheap fast food, alcohol and late nights, but it wasn’t until a chance weigh-in that I realised that I’d gained close to three stone in a year. 

Determined to change this, I found Lisa. She provided the support I needed on my weight loss journey that included exercise and a change my diet. With Lisa's help and support, I lost the three stone and got down to a size eight. I still see Lisa on a regular basis because I realise how much this benefits me mentally and physically.

It's not just my physical appearance that changed, I became more confident in applying for jobs after university and with people in general. I found that I started to enjoy social situations without feeling uncomfortable. I would recommend Lisa, because not only did she help me to lose weight but made me realise how integral health and nutrition is to my daily life.