Maybe you want to improve your body shape?

Your genetics will dictate your basic body shape but you can enhance it through exercise. Many fitness instructors would call them toning exercises. What you are actually achieving is building muscle mass through strength and endurance training. 

For example, deltoid (shoulder) and latismuss dorsii (large back muscle) exercises will increase the amount of muscle mass in your shoulders and back which will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Alternatively, performing exercises for your glutes (bum) muscles will make your bottom look pert! I could go on and on...

For men, they may want to create a six pack or increase the size of their pectoral (chest) muscles. This is basically achieved by choosing the correct volume of weight, repetitions and sets for each exercise performed. I reiterate what I said previously, you cannot change your basic frame but you can maximise what you’ve got. I can help you develop an exercise programme that works to improve your shape, strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight short muscles.

I enjoy seeing people get the best body shape they can without damaging their joints through poor joint mechanics and without jeopardising the critical balance required in their musculature to prevent injury. As an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, certified Exercise Physiologist, corrective exercise kinesiologist and Pilate's instructor you will find yourself in safe hands.