Lisa Sayers is a CNHC and BANT registered BSc nutritional therapist, nutrigenetics counsellor, ACSM certified exercise physiologist/health fitness specialist, sports massage therapist, Stott Pilates instructor, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, CHEK practitioner, former qualified general nurse and venepuncturist working as a personal trainer and nutritional therapist in Henley-on-Thames, Reading, Marlow (Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire).

Lisa qualified as a nurse in 1988, began working in the fitness and health industry in 2003 and has been running her own successful practice since 2005. She regularly teaches in a number of locations including Drummond physiotherapy clinic and Drummond Education, and has published several articles for them and other local health related practices. Lisa now operates from her own air conditioned and well equipped studio and consulting room in Henley-on-Thames where there is private parking available.

Lisa’s unique skill sets allow her to take a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to help clients with all types of needs move towards their health and fitness goals. Clients vary from teenagers to the elderly, and range from the able bodied seeking to improve an aspect of their well-being to those suffering from disease, metabolic disorders or in recovery from injury or surgery. Here Lisa is able to offer help drawing upon a range of specialisms including biomechanical analysis, strength training, dietary analysis and programming, nutri-genetic counselling (which enables her to understand an individual genetic strengths and weaknesses-which may impact on health and performance), disease and weight management, back pain management, and post-rehabilitation.

Lisa passionately believes that the structure of the body and its overall performance is dependent on genetic make-up and its response to our internal and external environment (this includes exposure to diet, stress, medications, pollutants, toxins and exercise). Therefore by modifying diet, environment and providing 'sensitive' exercise programming a person may be helped to reduce their risk of disease expression, optimise performance and increase health and vitality.

Lisa works closely with consultants, surgeons, physiotherapists and complimentary therapists, and takes an evidence based medicine approach to continually improving her own professional practice so that she can help her clients make intelligent decisions relating to their health and fitness goals.

Outside of her practice, Lisa is a mum with three grown up daughters and enjoys a number of activities including marathon running and cooking. Lisa enjoys supporting those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at Yeldall Manor,  Towards Recovery  and local community support groups. 

Lisa is committed to the pursuit of knowledge and continual improvement. She seeks to invest 10% of her time into research and further specialist training, recognising that it is the intelligent application of knowledge as a functionally trained medicine practitioner that is one of her key differentiators. A summary of Lisa’s qualifications is listed below.


Primary Qualifications

2016/2017/2018 Active Release Technique-Spine, Lower Extremity and Upper Extremity
2015  Gut and Psychology Practitioner, DNA Practitioner
2014  CNHC and BANT registered nutritional therapist
2011-2014  First class honours BSc Nutritional Therapy
2014  ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
2013  Sports massage therapist
2011  Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner certification
2010 CHEK Level 2 Practitioner
2009  CHEK level 1 Practitioner
2008  CHEK Exercise Coach
2007  Resistance Training Specialist
2006  AFPA Children’s Fitness Specialist
2006  Stott Pilates Injuries and Special Populations
2005  Stott Pilates Instructor
2005  Advanced Biomechanics course 
  American Council on Exercise, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant Certified
2004  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health/Fitness Specialist certified
1988  Elected member of the Royal College of Nurses Elected. Post qualification experience in coronary care, general medical, oncology  and midwifery.

Supplementary Qualifications
2012  Pilates for pregnancy
2012  Foundational Beaming
2011  Training the myo-fascial trains
2011  Pilates using small equipment, Pilates for breast cancer recovery (and mastectomy)
2011  EFI Sports Medicine Gravity post rehabilitation course
2010  Pilates for the elderly
2007  Stability Roll Foundation workshop
2007  Bosu Ballast Ball workshop
2007  Paul Chek Scientific Back Conditioning
2007  Paul Chek Scientific Core Conditioning
2007  Paul Chek Program Design
2006  Myofascial Release course
2005  Registered Exercise Professional-Advanced  Instructor, EFI Sports Medicine Gravity group Instructor, EFI Sports Medicine Gravity Pilates Instructor: reformat evolved, Reebok Group Strength Training certification, Reebok Step Instructor certification, Reebok Group Stability Ball Class instructor certification
2004  Swedish Massage course
2004  Johnny G Spin Instructor certification